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The Jury Talks

The Jury talks about Fissure Team proposal for Collider Activity Centre in Bulgaria


nacho gias blends kandinsky and van der rohe for bauhaus museum entry

A&C Magazine

Solar House  in A&C Book number 400

Architecture and Culture

This is the magazine specializing in architecture. By introducing outstanding new buildings and idea projects based on new concepts, the magazine inspires professionals to create fresh ideas. This provides readers by introducing different opinions of experts, Urban research results, and practices.


Yorokobu focus his attention into Walk & Hórreo project

Walk & Hórreo en Ya Encontré

Mención al proyecto Walk & Hórreo por el blog de yaencontré, donde habla de viviendas singulares y nuevos modos creativos de reutilizar espacios.

Matadero Madrid

Walk N Hórreo, Ignacios project for Spanish Northen heritage reactivation, as an example of Madrid innovative research works in this article about Matadero Madrid

New web

Nacho Gias Publishes his web to open world wide his Works, projects and news. Doble Párpado, the company in charge of developing the sites, invites you to have a look to the process and his work.

Des chateuaux en Espagne

Benoit Peloux, a french architecture critic based in Montepelier, has writen an interesting article about Nachos Gias entrance for London temporal pavilion.