Reforma Centro de Día


The Project consists in a mental health clinic reconversion. Changing  the dark and effete atmosphere of the original building  is the main task to face.





The use of bright colors is an joy and optimism injection to the center users. Ind addition this colors create clear visual references that improve the accessibility and help to locate different elements in the space.



The project breaks the hardness of a corridor 50 meters long. Through spatial enlargements, as chromatic impacts, an internal rhythm is generated, recomposing the space and giving it a lighter character.

The result is an optimistic, fresh, modern design space.

It is a minimalist architecture based on the use of color.



Promotor: Comunidad de Madrid

Tipología: Reforma Centro de Día para Enfermedades Mentales Crónicas

Situación: Fuencarral, Madrid


Superficie: 320 m²

Estado: Construido



Arquitectos: Elena Romero e Ignacio Gias



Reforma Centro de Día