When the Moon first formed, it was very close to the Earth. It was possibly only 20 to 30 thousands kilometers away, and it would have looked extremely large in the sky, at least 20 to 10 times bigger. The moon`s gravitational pull keeps Earth on an even keel an average tilt of 23 degrees. During millions of years it has been slowly moving away from Earth and has change our planet axis into one degree. As this process is still going on, it is a fact that the Moon is leaving, the further it goes the less it will stabilize our planet and the slower Earth will rotate and a day will get longer and longer.

As the Moon has been stabilizing the axis of rotation of the earth during millions of years, it has been also a stabilizing factor for our climatic conditions.

If you take away the Moon suddenly, it would change all climatic conditions on earth and the global altitude of the ocean. The moon generates a distortion which is elongated around the equator, so if we didn’t have this effect, suddenly, a lot of water would be redistributed toward the polar regions.

The Moon affects the liquid envelope of the Earth, specially oceanic tides. It affects the ocean tides more in some areas than others. For instance, in the channel between the British Isles and the Europe, the tidal range can be 10 meters, compared to what you see in the Pacific, where it is below a meter.

We are losing the moon because of tides friction and the forces they generate. One way of slowing the Moons retreat could be dam building, not across rivers but oceans. We have millions of years to develop the technology. Reduce the even flow of our oceans by containing them and we could slow the rate of the moons recession.

By this point thousand of questions get to us.

How would architecture be into millions of years? How can we approach to an image or even a form? Which material could conform a building 3.500 km long and 3.000 meters deep? How would it get totally open each 6 hours, time of tildes change, to let all animals cross and, by the same time, get totally hermetic and resistant to control sea shoves?

We conceive architecture in biological terms. We like to think of our proposal as a seed that is placed into sea bottom schedule to grow into and specific way. By the same time a central trunk grows searching the surface, many branches would born from it and densify the sea. On the extremes of those branches we would find great air structures containing different cities. Those air bags would be able to change their size and get into their smaller diameter when tides are down and grow until creating and hermetic surface when tides rise.

In somehow, we are proposing to create a kind of lungs to Earth, able to breathe and get full of air and expel all that air 4 times a day.

The central trunk would provide air, light and accessibility to all the air bags. Transport system, public spaces and uses or social areas would be placed on it.

Inside each bag we would recreate a full urban context, protected by a flexible  skin. The exterior perimeter would change size by the same time life runs in normal terms in the city center, open to human interaction and local proposals. Each trunk it is a city is self, and each air bag a neighborhood with his own identity.

Architects in Charge: Elena Varela, Ignacio Gias, Jorge Santa Cruz