Cutting the meat, putting it in the fire or eating with the hands are very close actions to the deeper and more primary instincts of the man. Our table aims to increase that primary behavior code. The proposal is the most basic concept of the table, the medieval table. A huge and unique surface whit a random distribution of the people around it. This transforms the fact of eating into a ceremony, a kind of life celebration.



The table it is not a circumstance anymore and becomes a landscape you have to explore, an environment where many actions do happen at the same time, a surface that it is interpreted by each user on a different way. But far away from being just a philosophical concept, this table becomes the greatest identity and publicity of Mad Cafe. As during the last three years burguer sector has found pretty hard competitors in Madrid, we consider that it is important to create a unique an different experience in the hamburgers distribution.


Not only the great food quality but the fact of eating at this table would become a key point for clients to choose this Mad Cafe restaurant instead of any other restaurant in Madrid. It would become the perfect place to take a friend that comes from abroad, to date a girl or to do a friends meeting.

This restaurant identity would conform a great team with the two other Mad Cafe restaurants that would offer the more “classic” version of the restaurant in Madrid.

Illumination system is designed to produce multiple and different environments. Even we are working on a unitarian surface, the table hosts several different situations according to the lamp’s position. By the use of a pulley system we propose a lamp that can take different positions, getting closer or farther off the table. This produces numerous privacy levels.

Client: Mad Cafe

Type: Restaurant

Location: Madrid, Spain

Year: 2016


Size:100 m²

Program: Burger Restaurant

Status: Competition

Architects in Charge:Magdalena Kotfis, Ignacio Gias,  Tomas Gruber