Appartment in Madrid


Placed in Madrid City Centre, tha aim of this project was to transform ans old appartment dating from 1972 into a brighty and confortable loft for a couple. As the original appartment was full of small shady rooms, the main operation was to remove all the secondary walls and compact the kitchen, living and dinningroom into a space in direct conection with the terrace. The result it is an open space with great light conditions and posibilities.


Most of the time we sepnd in our homes with our family happens in the kitchen while cooking, having breakfast or dinner. The appartment happens between the two main poles: the kitchen and the terrace. We can understand it as a white ship for the daily life representation.

Client: Private

Type: Residential

Location: Madrid, Spain

Year: 2008

Budget: 90.000,00 €

Size: 100 m² + 30 m² terrace

Program: Appartment

Architects in Charge: Ignacio Gias

Appartment in Madrid